5 inch bell rope and keyring in navy blue cotton, hemp or cream cotton- “a rope attached to a bell or to the tongue of a bell”. These bell ropes work great with a 6 inch bell (Bell in Photo/Not included). Includes the Matthew Walker Knot, the Crown Sinnet Knot & the Footrope Knot – no glues.

A great keyring for yourself or for a gift. These come come with a split ring to attach it to the bell or to allow you to use it as a keyring.. The cotton ropes have a tighter weave to hemp rope.

SPECIFICS – 1 bell rope keyring

• 1/8 inch – pure soft cream cotton
• 1/8 inch – braided navy blue cotton (blend 90% cotton/10% poly blend
• 1/8 inch – natural grey hemp rope
• 5 inch length (just over)
• Knots – Matthew Walker Knot, Crown Sinnet & Footrope Knot.
• Made by Beech House Studio in Huntsville, Muskoka.

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