Black Garlic & Dark Ale Beer Jelly


We are “The Beer You Can Eat” in the true sense!

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Made with Ontario black garlic and Imperial Russian Stout from Wellington.

Black garlic is a type of “caramelized” garlic.
During the caramelization process, the garlic flavour gets softened. As a result, there is a beautiful balance of sweet and savoury yield notes of molasses, chocolate, and dried fruit, coupled with tangy hints of balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, tamarin, and hearty mushroom/umami flavours.

We have decided to pair this beauty with the iconic Imperial Russian Stout from Wellington Brewery. Why?
The Imperial Russian Stout from Wellington has a rich and complex prune- and date-like sweetness; chocolate and coffee notes are also present. There is a lot of flavour in this beer, and the taste is influenced by the aroma – dark/dried fruits, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and molasses.

This beer style is the perfect pairing for black garlic; they create a savoury, complex, and flavourful jelly. This Beer Jelly is the perfect pairing for Italian-style charcuterie, rillette, terrine, foie gras and game meat. It is also a great pairing with salty feta or creamy blue cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, pecorino, and other hard cheeses like aged Gouda.
Think aioli, or mayonnaise and use it as a spread for your sandwich (steak sandwich, prosciutto sandwich, etc.) or try a new version of the deviled eggs.

And why not enjoy this delicacy with a dark chocolate mousse for a “Je ne sais quoi!”

Vegan and low sugar (containing 1.4 grams sugar per tsp)
Contains Gluten & Sulphite
May contain other food allergens and traces of alcohol

Refrigerate after opening

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