The Detour Co. Face Toner and Cream were made for each other.

These two work great in tandem and we love seeing you use them together, so you get 10%off when you buy them together!
Let’s first have a conversation around chamomile, because she’s the main character here. Have you ever sipped a chamomile tea, felt your shoulders and stomach soften and smiled at how good that first sip can be? Chamomile is potent, yet, she’s mastered the art of being gentle. When the plant is steam distilled, essential oil is extracted one way and the liquid (hydrosol) is extracted another. We have both the essential oil and hydrosol in our toner. The face cream has essential oil as well as chamomile-infused oil (created by taking whole dried chamomile flowers and immersing them in oil over a prolonged period so that their benefits can be extracted fully). These three chamomile ingredients (essential oil, herb-infused oil, hydrosol) are implemented in our face regiment to bring you all of this flowers bountiful skin benefits.