Set of 2 hemp doorknobs, knot doorknobs sustainably made with natural rope and glues

Hemp doorknobs made sustainably. Doorknobs made with a natural hemp rope. The grey hemp is hard-wearing and not rough on the fingers. So practical! I offer 3 lengths of screws allowing for different thicknesses of drawers/cupboard doors.

Hemp rope is tougher than other natural ropes. Hemp thrives without the use of large quantities of pesticides and insecticides. Screws are secured in place with a secure bio-based epoxy glue truly is the natural and tough choice.

SPECIFICS – Sets of 2 doorknobs

• knot diameter is just over 1.75 inches/4.5 cm
• Hemp rope is 3/16 (rope made in Europe)
• Monkey Fist knot/Sailor’s knot
• 3 sizes of machine thread available – 1 inch/2.54cm, 1.5 inch/3.81cm , 2inch/5.08 cm• machine thread screws to replace existing knobs (come with bolts)
• doorknobs made by Beech House Studio!